Our school respectfully acknowledges that we are located on the ancestral, traditional and unceded Indigenous territory of the Algonquin Peoples, 
on whose territory we pray, learn, play and work.

School Staff

Mme. Maria Soan (FSL)
Mr. Noel Gondek
Ms. Hien Vu
Mme. Cindy Shalaby (FSL)

Early Childhood Educators
Ms. Kelly Therien
Ms. Melissa Oppedisano
Ms. Vuthea Vy

Ms. Sarah Milito 

Ms. Sydney Abbott-Stechyson

Gr. 2
Ms. Shannon McLeod

Gr. 2/3
Ms. Shayla Pierre

Gr. 3
Ms. Charlene O'Reilly

Gr. 4
Ms. Michelle O'Shaughnessy
Ms. Theresa Sayers 

Gr. 5
Ms. Kirsten Sibbald

Gr. 6
Ms. Jennifer Milks - AM 

Primary French (Grades: 1/2, 2, 2/3) 
Mme. Anne-Marie Smith

Grade 3 and 5/6 Immersion French 
Ms. Jennifer Cohen

Gr. 4 Blended / Immersion and 5/6 Extended French 
Mme. Eva Tshunza

Literacy Teacher
Ms. Theresa Sayers

Education for Community Living
Ms. Laura Cress

Primary Language Class
Ms. Helen Allvey

Resource Teacher
Ms. Laura Rogerson

Preparation & Planning Teachers
Ms. Hien Vu

Educational Teaching Assistants
Mr. Scott Kelly
Ms. Marthe Paquette-Smith
Ms. Sharon Power
Ms. Destinee  Quick
Ms. Jacqueline Muldoon
Ms. Tawnya Green 
Ms. Ashley Baron
Ms. Nazia Abbasi
Ms. Madison Jones 

Library Technician
Ms. Avilla Ollivierre

Mr. Mike Ling
Mr. Stephan Monpetit

Office Administrator
Ms. Catherine Gillis

Ms. Rita Graaskamp

About Our School

School Day Schedule

9:00                    Block 1
10:15Recess (Grades 1-6)
10:30Block 2
11:45Lunch Time (Grades 1-6)
12:05                                Lunch Recess (Grades 1-6)
12:45Block 3
2:00Recess (Grades 1-6)
2:15Block 4
3:30Dismissal (Grades K-6)

Welcome to the St. Rose of Lima School community. We are a school which strives to provide a safe and caring learning environment for all our students. Our community is supported through our family involvement and is vibrant, active, and collaborative. It is through the dedication and hard work of our educators, parents/guardians, parish, and wider community that our students continue to grow intellectually, physically, socially, emotionally, and spiritually during their time at St. Rose of Lima School. We aim for excellence in all subject areas and each student is supported to build their cognitive and learning skills to the best of their ability. 

Our St. Rose of Lima School Council meets several times a year to discuss current school and board initiatives and works hard to support the school in a variety of ways.  Parents are always welcome to come to a meeting to learn more about the school and to see how they can support student learning at our school.  We are very interested in having more new parents join our friendly group. 

The St. Rose of Lima staff endeavours to provide ongoing communication about students’ progress, as well as, school events and activities. Weekly Updates, flyers, websites, and Twitter feeds are all used to help keep families informed. The school year at St. Rose of Lima School is full of special events, gatherings, and activities that add an essential and marvelous dimension to the school experience of students and families. Families are always welcome to attend and participate in our school functions. 

French is an important component of the culture of St. Rose of Lima School. In the junior grades, students’ families are able to choose between immersion or extended French instruction. In the primary grades, students follow an extended French program.  Our Junior and Senior Kindergarten classes offer a 50/50 English/French Immersion program. French is spoken by students and staff and is regularly used in school announcements and gatherings. 

Our Catholic faith and the gospel values are integrated into all areas of the curriculum, as well as, the life of the school. Daily prayer, monthly liturgies, sacramental preparation, and seasonal masses all serve to build student and adult faith. We are linked and supported by our local parish, St. Martin de Porres Church, located in Bells Corners. Additionally, we make connections with our local and global community through a variety of social justice and outreach initiatives. Students learn that their efforts can influence the lives of others near to home and across the world.

Families that are new to the area are most welcome to come and visit our school to meet staff members, tour the school, and find out about the programs and services offered by our school and the Ottawa Catholic School Board. 


Rita Graaskamp

Activities, Clubs & Teams

A variety of sports teams and clubs will be offered in the 2019 - 2020 school year.   

Soccer:   September 25 (Girls) and 26 (Boys)

Cross-Country: October 9th (Boys & Girls)

Volleyball: November 7th (Girls) & November 14th (Boys)

Handball: February 11th-13th (Girls) & February 24th-27th (Boys)  Dates TBD 

Basketball: April 8th  (Girls)   and  15th (Boys)

Track & Field: June 16th (Girls & Boys)

Affiliated Schools

2675 Draper Avenue, Ottawa
Phone: 613-820-9705

Our Parish

3891 Richmond Road, Nepean
Phone:  613-828-6720